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Why Study in Ireland: 10 Benefits of Studying in Ireland

Why Study in Ireland: 10 Benefits of Studying in Ireland

The country is situated on the edge the continent of Europe, Ireland is an island country with a full of personality and enthusiasm for life. The country is known as the Emerald island, Ireland is famous for its culture, history lively nightlife, and also for providing some of the most breathtaking views of the land as well as the ocean. The bustling cities nestled in tranquil bays, cliffs that are sheer beautiful coastlines and affordable living costs together with a superb education system makes Ireland an ideal location for visitors and international students. Are these enough reasons to answer the question: benefits of studying in ireland?

The country is growing popular among students from abroad and for good reason. In this article we will look at the many reasons why studying in Ireland could be an experience that will last an entire lifetime.

Why Study in Ireland: Top 10 Advantages of Studying in Ireland

With more than 35,000 international students from 161 different countries taking classes in Ireland This number has steadily increased in recent years. According to an investigation, the numbers has increased by 45 percent between 2013 between 2013 and 2017. So, what's attracting people to the European country?

Let's look at the many advantages that studying in Ireland that have made it a preferred choice among students. We will also provide an answers to the question: why learn in Ireland?

1. Excellent Education System

Ireland is a world-class education system and its universities are among the top of the world. The degrees awarded by Ireland are internationally recognized. Ireland is in the top 10 of countries for educational excellence (IMB World Competitiveness Report 2019).

The universities of Ireland are renowned for offering the highest quality research opportunities. Students from abroad can be sure by the knowledge that they'll be able to take advantage of top education standards and research opportunities that can aid in their career advancement.

2. Course Availability & Ease of Study

Ireland hosts top universities with over 5,000 courses that students can choose from. Students have the option of choosing from a variety of fields that include engineering, medicine business, science technology, literature psychology, philosophy, history and more. Another one of the many advantages that going to Ireland as a student from abroad.

In addition among the most significant advantages for going to school in Ireland is that it's an English-speaking country and courses are available in English. This means that Ireland an ideal study abroad destination for students from all over the world.

3. Great Career Opportunities

This is certainly one of the main reasons to go to Ireland particularly if want to study abroad. With an employment rate that is higher than 80 percent, Irish institutions offer several options for career advancement for international students.

Ireland hosts a variety of top multinational corporations, and international students can get jobs at a variety of well-known firms including eBay, Skype, Microsoft, Google, Slack, and many more. Furthermore it is worth noting that it is worth noting that the Irish economy is growing rapidly within the Eurozone and is ranked 6th most competitive economy in the world. This, along with other advantages that going to school at a university in Ireland to international students can boost the professional goals of students.

4. Post-Study Work Visa Opportunities

Another major reason to students should consider studying outside of Ireland is the possibility of post-study work visas. The Irish government provides one-year stay back visas for graduates of bachelors, as well as up to two-year stay-back visas to masters degree graduates. You can also combine doing your studies and work in Ireland.

International students have the possibility of applying for permanent residence. Many international students choose to return to work and live in Ireland due to the attractive post-study work and post-study visa possibilities.

5. Cost Effectiveness

Are the benefits of going to Ireland worthwhile? One of the biggest advantages for going to Ireland to international students the cost effectiveness. If you're in search of inexpensive and affordable study abroad location in Europe and beyond, then Ireland could be the ideal choice.

Cost of living as well as learning within Ireland being an international student can be reasonable when compared to other popular study abroad destinations like The USA and the UK.

6. Great Quality of Life

One of the biggest advantages that going to Ireland in the eyes of Indian student is the high quality of life it gives. Ireland is ranked second in the world in terms of living standards according to a research conducted by United Nations.

You can anticipate your experience within Ireland to be a peaceful and enjoyable. The country is known to be extremely friendly and welcoming. Ireland is a vibrant arts and culture scene, excellent infrastructure, and a remarkably smooth method of completing tasks with the help of bureaucracy.

7. Friendly People & Vibrant Culture

If you are thinking about why you should studying in Ireland aspects like the local culture can make a big impact. Irish people are extremely friendly and accommodating to international students. They are friendly, enjoy gatherings, and are a pleasure to be around. They also enjoy many activities such as going out to the pub, organizing house parties, taking pleasure in the dancing, music, and so on. With these advantages there is no doubt about why you should learn in Ireland?

Irish culture is widely known as active and dynamic. There's plenty to look out for in the realm of Irish culture. It is possible to experience the celebration day of Ireland's patron saint through Saint Patrick's Day, listen to traditional Irish music, witness Irish dancing, participate in Irish games like Gaelic football, or be fascinated by Irish myths, and much more!

8. Safety

In discussing the benefits of studying in Ireland it is important to be talking about security. If you are an international student, you don't have to be concerned regarding security in Ireland. Ireland is among the most secure countries in the world.

Ireland is consistently in the top 20 nations for the quality of its life and peace and the development of people. It is listed as the 12th most peaceful nation on the planet. Ireland is extremely safe and warm and is a great place to study for international students.

9. Perfect Travel Location

Ireland is the perfect holiday destination for curious souls! When you study in Ireland you will not only have the chance to discover the many things Ireland offers as well as an opportunity to visit different European Countries.

The UK is extremely close to Ireland It is possible to journey to UK quickly in just a couple of hours. In the rest of Europe is also extremely well connected, and it is possible to quickly plan your travel from Ireland.

10. Social Security Benefits

In Ireland the country of Ireland, a social security number is referred to as"personal public service" (PPS.) Additionally, foreign employees with a PPS has access to certain benefits like:

  • Free travel pass

  • Health care services provided by the public

  • Child Immunization

  • Housing Grants

  • Driver's Licence

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